My first Product Shoot

Today was a very busy day for me photography wise; a fashion shoot and product shoot in 3 and a half hours.

Firstly I’ll talk about the product shoot.

For my assignment due next week we have to produce photographs from 3 different areas of photography; I chose portrait, fashion and product photography. Today was my first time doing a product shoot on my own (I have prior experience of product photography thanks to my placement at Wilkinson’s).

Product photography is very challenging by the fact you have to get the lighting right, set the product up and position it perfectly. Of course my task today was made more difficult as I forgot blue tack and other stuff to hold my products in place *mental note for next time*.

I kept my product photography simple a light tent and one light with a soft box on to diffuse the light even more. My ‘theme’ for my product photos was easter; so I had the pleasure of going out and buying lots of chocolate and bright easter things such as a basket (thanks to mum as I couldn’t find one), shreaded paper and tissue paper.

I kept my product shots simple and my focus point was always on the writing e.g. on the easter eggs it was the word ‘Cadbury’. I am actually really pleased with my first attempt at product photography I made sure not to overload my photos with stuff so it was simple and I tried to be creative with positioning etc.

Here are some of the shots from the shoot.

Caramel Egg

Mini Eggs

Easter Eggs


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