Edinburgh Fringe Festival

As I haven’t done a post in a while I thought I would write about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Last year was my first time going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I have to say I didn’t know what to expect. BUT I had an amazing time there.

If you don’t know the Edinburgh Fringe Festival brings 1000’s of different performances to Edinburgh which takes place in August every year. See the official website for more details http://www.edfringe.com/

The fringe is a great place to be able to just snap photographs of people; one street in particular is taken over by performers promoting and performing tasters of their shows. I got some great photographs of people who will happily let you take a photograph of them in return you taking a flyer. Of course there are also good opportunities for just documenting what is going on around you.

Not even the amount of rain could put me off going out and about in Edinburgh to take photographs and to see the just a few of the wide variety of performances on offer.

I have a keen interest in performance photography as well as fashion photography. I love the fact in performance photography you can capture a character, emotion and expression in your photographs. I also like the challenge of only having one opportunity to get good photographs; as you may only be able to attend one performance or that performance/event is only happening once.

This year I will be returning to Edinburgh to experience the fringe festival; I’m already so excited.

Here are a few of my photographs from last year.


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