Head Shots for Rebecca

Bit behind on my blogging recently so I thought I’d catch all you lovely readers up on what I’ve been doing.

Over my 3 weeks off at Easter I didn’t really do any photo shoots accept for one with my friend Rebecca. Rebecca wanted head shots doing because she wasn’t happy with the ones she had done already.

In Grantham it was difficult to think of a good place to shoot head shots as I had no access to a studio (the usual place you would do head shots). I thought a good place to do it was the park so we met up there and took a walk to find some potential spots. Due to the amount of people we took a walk away from the park in this country area where the Mill is (can’t remember what it’s called off hand) and found some reallt nice spots to shoot.

I used a flash gun on a off camera flash cord which worked really well giving the photographs nice lighting. Overall I was very happy with the photographs and hope Rebecca was too. Rebecca was lovely to work with and would recommend her to anyone who needs an actress or performing arts person.

Here are some of the photographs from the shoot.


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