Cellar Shoot

Yesterday I headed to Wolverhampton to shoot with the lovely Jess Hancox again. We called into the jewellery shop Fallen Saint to ask if we could use their cellar for a few shots, and we ended up shooting in their the whole day, as we had permission to use their stock and whatever we wanted basically. So big thank you to Fallen Saint they are amazing check their Facebook out http://www.facebook.com/lovefallensaint

Anyways moving on to the actual shoot; as I’ve already mentioned we shot in a cellar using jewellery and any props we could finding including a map, wrapping paper (I brought in Primark after having an idea) and a scrabble board. Now you would think I would use a flash gun to aid with lighting as we were in a cellar; well you’re wrong I only used a flash gun when shooting the scrabble photos under the stairs everything else was natural lighting. I was surprised how much light there is in the photos I felt no need to use a flash gun. I did however shoot on a higher ISO (think it was around 1600 for most shots) and on much lower shutter speeds. Which probably accounts for the lighting being brighter than I expected.

Here’s the shots from the shoot in slideshow form (I’m quite a fan of slideshows at the moment).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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