MC655 Thinking Sideways

Our directed study task this week was to observe the creative possibilities in all and everything that surrounds us. Firstly we were instructed to take our camera and standard lens, go to the front door of our home, take 19 steps one way, then a further 7 to form a radius of a circle. From there were to shoot at least 20 images within that circle. I found this task difficult because I just seem to take anything particularly creative from what I was surrounded with. However I did get a few shots.


Our next take was to lock ourselves in our bathroom with a camera; giving ourselves 20 minutes to to shoot 10 innovative images. A task I found much easier to do.


We were then expected to ask another member of the group to select 1 image from each experience to post on the blog. I asked Jemma to select for me and this is what she chose:


This is the one she chose from the bathroom because she liked the symmetry and novelty of the duck.

For the outside she chose this one of the house because it looks slightly distorted, giving it a real surreal feeling, and looks kind of vintagy shot like with lomography.


I thought I would include my personal favourites too:

I like this shot from the bathroom because it is unusual with the taps being framed within the arch shape.

I like this shot because of the merging of the reflection of the street and the inside of the car.

Thought I would include this shot too as it’s about the only photo of myself I like.


5 thoughts on “MC655 Thinking Sideways

  1. Hey Jess,
    I love this blog – my favourite image is the bathroom shot you chose of the Taps framed by the other object.
    Although they are all phenomenal images. And expresses a different side to your photography!
    Nice work! 🙂

  2. love the distorted house’ve really shown your creativity and imagination with the bathroom photos.really like the picture of you taking the photo in the plug knob.

  3. I really like the last photo in this set, its really interesting and amazing what you can do in such a dull environment with a bit of creativity.

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