So What Have I Been Doing?

As you probably know recently my blog hasn’t really been updated as I have been so busy.

When I got back from Brighton I pretty much had a shoot every day up until this week. Recently a lot of my work has been performance based which I have absolutely loved. I am working with the Young Reps a lot and also photographed 2 of the BOA shows which sadly at the moment those photos are exclusive so can’t share them. I am also doing some work with woman and theatre on their show Underrated. At some point in the future I will share these photos! Lots more performance stuff over the coming months too then in August I will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2 weeks!

I am still shooting fashion and have been finally shooting ideas I have had planned for months. In the next few weeks I am also doing a few more of my ideas and will be planning more ideas. It’s been great collaborating with lots of different people who work in different parts of the fashion industry. Lots more collaborations and commissions to come hopefully!

Of course all these shoots have become part of my MA portfolio assignment which also involves me building my branding identity and promotional material. Photos of this to come as well!!! Just waiting for the postman to bring all my lovely new stuff.


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