Period Queen Weekend Shoots Kirby Hall

A couple of weeks ago I took Jessica Evans to my hometown of Grantham to do my long-planned period queen shoot. The costumes were from Crusader Costumes where I also got wigs and some accessories to use. I think this has been one of my favourite shoots I’ve ever done.

On the Saturday we shot at Kirby Hall which is an absolutely amazing place with lots of places to shoot. I loved both the inside and the outside of the building. Jess looked the part in the outfits pulling off being very lady like and regal! She managed to make a little girl’s day by letting her have her photograph taken with her. She also managed to scare a little boy who would not go anywhere near her and I think had a shock when he walked in the room to see her standing there. The weather of course was awful it was cold and kept raining but we persevered to get some amazing shots. I also loved all the peacocks which were around the grounds although getting on in a photograph proved very difficult.

Here are the photos from Saturday (I’ve put them in a sideshow as there’s so many) I could easily have edited all of these photos I love them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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