Fairy Tale Fashion Shoot

Back in July/August I arranged a fairy tale fashion shoot at Himley Hall with the wonderful model Chynna (instagram @chynna_doll_24 ) and MUA makeup by megan (instagram @meganphilippamua ). My boyfriend was my assistant along with Fran Shaw.

Here is the behind the scenes video my work colleague Tom Fleetwood (instagram @armageddon_is_near ) filmed for me:

Tom and his lovely girlfriend took some behind the scenes photos for me too:

And finally here are my photos:


Autumn Fashion Shoot

I love Autumn and all the beautiful colours the season brings. This year I arranged a last minute shoot at Himley Hall with Elle. I used clothing from Next (my favourite shop for clothes).

These were also shot with the new videos lights I purchased which are Newer:


Love these lights as it provides me with consistent lighting which is easily portable. Each lights take 2 sony batteries and can also be plugged into mains. I like my off camera flash but found these lights good vale for money and means I don’t have to have them connected to the camera to work.


It’s been a long time…

Hello to anyone reading this,

And Happy New Year! As if it is 2018 and we are almost through January already!!!

So as you can tell it’s been a long time since I blogged but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking any photos. The problem has been I have been so busy working at T H Baker, I practically lived there before Christmas and I have only just caught my editing backlog up.

Anyway I thought I would share everything I have done that isn’t currently on here.

It’s not in any particular order (well it’s in the order in my folders on my PC!)

Firstly here are the photographs I took of the Big Sleuth Bears. These were bears placed around Birmingham to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I spent a lot of my time over summer hunting them down, finding a grand total of 168 bears.